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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Dining Room

As soon as summer starts to wind down the stores bring in fall and winter decor. While we might not want to think about it, the holidays aren’t that far off. If you get a head start on planning, you can save yourself some serious money by creating your own decor. A great place to start is with a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

If you’re not accustomed to whipping up decorative pieces, not to worry. Fall is a fantastic time of year to try your hand at making something, as there are so many natural elements to use. Besides, as the weather cools down, crafting provides a welcome indoor activity to work on in the evening or on a lazy weekend.

Thanksgiving centerpieces can be a lot of fun to put together. If you have kids, you may choose to get them involved in the process too. Here are some tips and ideas for inspiration.

Decide on a Color Scheme

If you have no idea where to start with your centerpiece creation, choosing a main color or colors is a great jumping point. From there you can seek out bits and pieces that will fit your vision. Fortunately, fall is filled with all kinds of rich shades, so there is plenty of choice. You can go with the traditional harvest and pumpkin hues or opt for something a little less expected such as pigmented plum or deep turquoise.

Select a Vessel

Unless you plan to just scatter bits and pieces across your dining room table, you’ll need something to arrange your centerpiece in. When choosing your container, use your imagination and think about the overall look you want your completed piece to have. You can likely use something you already have in your home as your base.

Don’t worry if you don’t own anything fancy, as rustic containers work especially well in autumn centerpieces. Wooden bowls, glass jars, and metal buckets are all good choices. Even a piece of hollowed-out wood from the backyard can be an ideal option. In fact, if you’re putting together your piece right before Thanksgiving, as suggested by H. Camille Smith, “you can transform a faux or fresh pumpkin into a rustic planter for assorted succulents. Surrounded by other fall elements, this garden craft makes a charming, living centerpiece for your fall or Thanksgiving table.”

Start Collecting

One of the best parts of creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece is finding all of the bits and pieces. Look for items that are representative of the season. Craft stores are one place to browse, but the great outdoors is just as good, if not better. Fruit, flowers, vegetables, pine cones, leaves, branches, candles, and many more items can be combined in your piece. Mixing elegant bits with natural elements is eye-catching and allows the piece to work for both casual and formal get-togethers.

Putting it All Together

You may use a block of floral foam and some wire to poke items into your centerpiece or you may just choose to pile pieces artfully in and around your container. Either way, think about varying heights of the items and consider how you want the colors to play off each other. In addition, since the color palette is more limited than it typically is in spring and summer, you should try playing around with different textures.

Have fun with creating your Thanksgiving centerpiece. There’s no need to be overly fussy; there’s beauty in the natural imperfections. Work with elements that you’re drawn to and you’re sure to create a piece that showcases your love for the season.  

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