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Finding Creative Cabinet Solutions For Your Kitchen Remodel

Creative Cabinet Solutions For Kitchen Remodel

If you’re looking to embark on a complete kitchen remodel, you may consider new custom cabinets to suit the space. But you might also want to keep and improve the current cabinets to match other renovations. Whether you have a small, open, or modern kitchen, having a few creative cabinet ideas ensures you can craft the kitchen of your dreams. 

With kitchen design, optimizing storage space holds paramount importance. Thankfully, many innovative solutions exist for kitchen cabinet storage, enabling you to make the most of every inch. From specialized drawers tailored to accommodate awkward items to strategically placed single kitchen cabinets, there are numerous ways to ensure that all your belongings find their designated place in your kitchen.

One of the most captivating aspects of custom kitchen cabinets is the flexibility to tailor them precisely to your space and personal style. A vast array of materials, colors, and textures allows you to curate cabinets that harmonize seamlessly with your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Custom Cabinet Pros

Custom cabinets for a kitchen remodel may not always be necessary. However, crafting unique and creative cabinets for the space adds a lot of flexibility to your design prospects and can help create a truly unique room. Custom kitchen cabinets provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Added style and personalization: Using custom cabinets, you infuse your kitchen with a distinctive and personalized touch.
  • Enhanced storage capacity: By opting for custom kitchen cabinets, you can optimize your kitchen space and enjoy more storage options than standard cabinets.
  • Improved organization: Tailored cabinets allow you to arrange items in a manner that suits your preferences and organizational style perfectly.
  • Tailored functionality: Customize your cabinets to match your requirements, ensuring they align perfectly with your needs and lifestyle.

Regardless of your kitchen’s layout, custom cabinets offer an excellent solution to maximize space and create a kitchen that exudes the desired aesthetics while functioning according to your preferences.

If you have solid cabinets and storage solutions in place, there may still be some final touches that can help your cabinets look new. A simple coat of paint to match the new floors and countertops or adding new hardware can upgrade cabinets and help a remodel feel more cohesive.

Same Cabinets, New Look

If you like your current kitchen but want to add some creative cabinet touches to freshen up that part of the kitchen remodel, consider upgrading a few things. 

Fresh Paint

A new color in your kitchen can add a new dimension to the space. Once properly prepped, many cabinets aren’t challenging to paint. Adding a new color to only the upper or lower cabinets gives your kitchen a splash of color and depth. Paint can also be added to a remodel and done as a finishing touch by professionals.

New Hardware

Changing out the hardware is a quick fix to upgrade the space and add some simple style. One of the latest trends for kitchen hardware is going with a metallic material. Metallic hardware is a fantastic way to spruce up neutral-colored cabinets in a controlled manner. This style choice is perfect for homeowners who love sleek cabinets with neutral tones but want to brighten the space subtly. Many homeowners opt for hardware with a silver, brass, copper, or gold finish.

Molding And Doors

If the amount of storage and location of the cabinets works, and they are well made but out of date, consider only replacing the doors or adding molding. This can elevate a kitchen without necessitating tearing out all the cabinets and starting fresh. Refacing your cabinets can yield the most significant impact on your kitchen’s appearance.

One approach is to have custom door and drawer fronts crafted to fit your existing cabinets precisely. With some additional modifications, you can even convert doors into drawers, which often optimize space utilization and efficiency.

If replacing doors and drawer fronts is not feasible, consider updating them with molding. This method works well for plain slab or shaker-style doors, taking them to a new level of elegance. For instance, adding skinny molding to shaker closet doors imparts an elevated and bespoke appearance. Experimenting with other types of molding, such as fluting, can also lead to stunning results. This approach allows you to refresh the look of your cabinets without the need for an extensive overhaul.

Storage To The Ceiling 

Optimize your vertical space and bid farewell to the dusty gaps by extending your upper cabinets to the ceiling. This creative cabinet move lets you make the most of every inch and provides additional storage options for seldom-used items like holiday ware, oversized platters, and decorating supplies. To ensure easy access to these high shelves, consider keeping a step stool in the pantry or explore integrated cabinet step stools.

This strategy proves versatile and adaptable to various layouts, including open floor plans that may limit wall space and result in fewer upper cabinets. To address this, consider suspending the cabinets from the ceiling or opting for open shelving that allows light to penetrate from both sides. These suspended shelves offer functional storage and create an opportunity to showcase your finest glasses and dishes, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to your kitchen setup.

Glass Half Full

Introduce a distinctive and personalized touch to your kitchen with the addition of glass cabinet doors. These elegant features create an illusion of a more spacious and airy environment and offer an ideal showcase for your cherished colorful dishware. You can seamlessly blend functional storage and design flair with glass cabinet doors.

For a well-balanced approach, consider incorporating glass doors on one or two smaller sections of your upper-level cabinets instead of outfitting all cabinets with them. This approach introduces a sense of intrigue, breaking up the space and adding visual interest. By using glass panels in the bottom half of the cabinets and solid panels above, you can achieve the sought-after open look while ensuring ample storage space for items you prefer to keep out of sight. This creative cabinet door combination provides functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious and charming kitchen ambiance.

Glass Inserts

Instead of opting for plain glass doors, you can explore the world of textured glass, such as frosted or reeded glass. These alternatives offer the perfect balance, allowing you to display your favorite dishes while safeguarding them from dust and adding a touch of mystery by obscuring some details. A skilled professional can modify your existing doors by replacing the inner panel with these unique glass options (although slab doors might need additional customization).

You also choose less traditional options like textured glass styles like reeded, leaded, or tinted glass. Another option is to apply a mullion insert for an extra touch of elegance. Experiment with unconventional choices like antique mirror glass or wire mesh if you want something unique.

Open Up

If you have ample closed storage space and love the idea of showcasing your favorite dishes or drinkware, consider replacing one or more of your upper cabinets with open shelving. This approach lends a sense of openness to the kitchen and adds character, setting it apart from a traditional wall of cabinets. For a more extensive display, you can opt for an entire wall of open shelving, providing an airy and expansive feel to the space while imbuing it with charm.

Alternatively, if you seek a more straightforward and reversible solution, remove the doors from your upper cabinets to create an “open” feel. To seamlessly integrate them into the kitchen’s design, paint the cabinets’ boxes the same color as the wall, minimizing their appearance as cabinets. Enhance the shelves’ personality by adding wallpaper or tiles to the back wall, incorporating hidden colors or patterns that add a delightful surprise when glimpsed through the open shelves. This approach offers a clever way to infuse personality and flair into your kitchen without committing to permanent changes.

Custom Ends

Most people think about the fronts of cabinets almost exclusively. However, depending on the layout of your house, the sides are also visible. These can be a different color, shade, or material from the front of the cabinets, creating an incohesive look. There are a lot of creative cabinet solutions for these spots that can add character to your kitchen without involving a complete overhaul of the cabinets. 

Using trim to add a decorative touch or create an X shape to paint the same shade will provide more dimension and extra detail. This is also a spot that could pop with color without being overwhelming. Adding tile or wallpaper here or to the underside of an island will also give the kitchen an easy unique look. 

Specialise For Storage

If you want truly creative cabinets, you might consider custom cabinets. Then you can design for the things you own instead of hoping they happen to fit. Consider installing specialized kitchen cabinet systems to maximize your kitchen’s storage potential. These systems are designed with multiple shelves, drawers, and convenient pull-out features, providing efficient organization for all your items. You can even select cabinets with built-in dividers and organizers to maintain order.

Invest in custom kitchen cabinet systems that cater precisely to your unique needs for the ultimate storage solution. Tailor your cabinets with deep drawers, pull-out shelves, and integrated organizational systems like lazy Susans or pull-out drawers, ensuring everything finds its place.

Remember to factor in your kitchen’s specific layout when designing your cabinets. Compact cabinets can be a wise choice if you have a small kitchen. These small cabinets can be cleverly placed in tight areas, such as beneath the sink or corners, making the most of every available inch. They prove especially handy for storing items that don’t require frequent access. With well-designed custom kitchen cabinets, even the smallest spaces can be utilized, maximizing your kitchen’s storage efficiency. Choose cabinets tailored to fit snugly in these tight spots, granting you a well-organized and clutter-free kitchen experience.

Creative Cabinets For A Functional Kitchen

When considering cabinets, the key to kitchen remodeling is remembering the importance of functionality and storage first, followed by personality and style. The kitchen needs to work as a place to cook and eat, store your food, dishes, and cookware, and make you feel at home. 
At LA Carpet, our committed team of experts strives for excellence, utilizing premium materials sourced from reputable industry manufacturers. Whether you desire flawless cabinet installations, luxurious countertop replacements, captivating kitchen island designs, or exquisite backsplash installations, our comprehensive range of services has you covered. To begin your remodeling journey or learn about what’s possible for your kitchen, reach out today.

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