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Kids Going Away to College? Repurpose Their Bedroom!

The years have come and gone, your children have grown, and now here you are, sending them off to college. After getting your child packed, moved out, and situated in their new dorm room or apartment, you survey their old bedroom and are left with one question in mind: what do you do with their room? Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose your child’s bedroom after they head off to college.

Turn it into an office, library, or craft room

If you find yourself with an extra bedroom – or two! – consider turning it into a purposeful living area. Perhaps you can finally set up that office you’ve always wanted, but didn’t have the space for. Start with a fresh coat of paint to inspire and transform the room. This is probably a good idea if your child had bold or unique paint choices. In terms of furniture, standard desks are no longer a necessity when it comes to home offices. Opting for a stylish table in the middle of the room can open up the space and make it feel like a designer office. If you plan on using a lot of electronics, opt for a desk or cabinet against the wall but, if you’re a laptop user, a statement table may be the way to go. If the space is small or you’re concerned about clutter, stick with minimal décor.

If you already have an office, or perhaps don’t need a room dedicated entirely to one, consider adding a library or craft room instead. Add some bookcases or custom shelving against an entire wall or two, bring in a comfy arm chair and floor lamp, and fill those shelves with some great literary material. A spare room is a great space to create a personal crafting haven. Install shelves to store all your supplies within reach, and put your sewing machine in one corner and your favorite books in the other. By turning your child’s old bedroom into an office, library, or craft room, you’ll have some extra living space with the functionality you need.

Create a home gym

With gym costs on the rise and the hassle of carving out time to get to the gym, it can be highly beneficial to have a small gym set up right in your home. Many times people set this up in their garage; however, if you have an extra bedroom, why not set it up inside and enjoy the added benefit of air conditioning? Paint the walls of the room a bold color and add whatever equipment inspires you to work out, such as a yoga mat, treadmill, TV, sound system, a large mirror, or a ballet barre. Not only will you save money on gym memberships, but you’ll be investing in your health for years to come.

Repurpose into a guest room

Though your child has moved away and gone off to college, keep in mind he or she may be returning for winter and summer breaks! When this happens, you will want somewhere for them to sleep – either a sofa bed, futon, or perhaps even a guest room. Turning their former bedroom into a guest room ensures your child has a place to call their own when they visit, and also opens it up to other guests. Update the décor and style to something more traditional and suited to everyone than what your teenager previously had. Swap out movie posters for framed artwork, change out dirty blinds for nice curtains, and paint the neon walls a neutral shade.

Moving away to college can provide bittersweet and exhilarating feelings for both parent and child. After taking some time to process your newly emptier nest, turn your child’s room into one of the above and enjoy the extra living space.

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