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Out-of-the-Box Wall Art Ideas for Your Living Room

Your home, and the way you style it, is a unique representation of yourself. From the furniture and the way it’s arranged, to the décor you choose for each room, owning your own home is a great way to showcase your uniqueness. An easy way to highlight some of your personality is through wall art, such as mirrors, shelves, frames, or DIY projects. Read on for some suggestions on how to incorporate these décor items into your home.


Small mirrors grouped into a large, decorative collection can create a stunning, unique wall piece. Many different frames can be pieced together to create a modern look. Although they serve the primary purpose of letting you know how you look, they’re a sophisticated, elegant, and futuristic form of modern design. In a small room, mirrors can also serve the purpose of making the space look larger and more open. One idea is to buy some small, hexagon-shaped mirrors and group them all together on the wall, creating the look of a honeycomb. Or, secure a bunch of various-sized broken mirror pieces to the wall to create a unique mirror mosaic. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating and decorating with a wall of mirrors. 


Sure, shelves are practical and almost necessary in most homes, but have you thought to use them in an out-of-the-box kind of way? By using your imagination with your shelves, you can create unique and surprising displays of art on your living room walls. Simply install intersecting horizontal and vertical shelves or create a geometric design using cubed, diamond, or spherical shapes. You don’t actually need to put anything on the shelves to make the décor stand out but, if the need ever arises, you’ll have plenty of extra storage space available. Other fun decorating options include using wooden pallets as shelves, or lining entire walls with floating shelves.


Gallery walls are one of the hottest decorating trends right now. What’s so great about this trend is that the funkier the arrangement, the better. Grab some picture frames of various sizes, styles and colors, and put some pictures, wallpaper, or word art in them. An even easier option? Hang up your frames with nothing in them! Empty frame wall art is currently a big decorating trend, and you can easily complement your décor with their color and shape. Regardless of where you display empty frames, mix and match different shapes and sizes to make them stand out. If you use chalkboard paint to decorate your wall, you can even hang the empty frames and fill in the spaces with original messages and drawings. This is a great option when decorating for holidays or special events.

DIY Projects

And finally, one of the most unique – and inexpensive – ways to create some out-of-the-box wall art for your home is to do it yourself. The ideas and projects are limitless. DIY projects always end up being more special, and homeowners are more likely to love the end product longer than store-bought art, making them a wonderful investment in time and resources, as long as the project is doable.

Stenciled letters are a great way to create a fun, unique piece of art – especially because you can get it to say whatever you’d like. Or, for a more textured piece of art, follow this tutorial using canvas, wooden letters, and spray paint. A vertical wall garden using succulents is a unique way to bring some flora and fauna into your living room, while shoeboxes covered in paper or magazines are a super inexpensive option for wall art. As previously mentioned, the options are endless when it comes to finding inexpensive, ultra-chic DIY projects.

So get out there and start decorating. By incorporating some of these out-of-the-box wall art ideas, you can soon have a place that showcases your unique style and preferences.

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