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Preparing Your Home for New Carpet

Making the decision to get new carpet installed in your home is just one small step in the process. Then, you have to find the carpet. And finally, before all is said and done, you have to prepare your home for installation. If you’ve made the decision and found the perfect carpet, here are a few ways you can get prepared for the big installation day.

Make a Plan

Before installation day rolls around, make sure you’re on the same page as your installers. As with other aspects of home renovation, it’s a good idea to come up with an installation plan. Because the floors have to be completely clear and your furniture has to be stored somewhere in the meantime, it can be difficult to install all of your carpeting in one day. Since the installation time largely depends on the size of your home and the amount of carpet being installed, it’s a good idea to talk with your installers and figure out a plan ahead of time. After all, you would hate to be caught off-guard or expect it to be done in a certain amount of time, only to find out it will take longer halfway through the installation.

Move Furniture

Find out ahead of time if your installers will be moving the furniture, or if it’s included in the price of your carpet installation. If it’s not, and you need to move everything, plan accordingly. Experts recommend moving everything from the room the new carpet is being installed in, even wall decorations or plants on a window sill. The emptier the room, the easier it is to work in because there are fewer items to complicate the process. Also, since your new carpet is likely being installed in high-traffic rooms, such as the family room, living room, or bedrooms, make sure you remove and hide any precious or breakable items. Contractors lugging heavy tools and equipment may not see these items, so get them out of the way and store them in safe area temporarily.

After you move the furniture, it may be wise to place cardboard on any carpet, hardwood floors, or tile that should be protected. Contractors may be carrying heavy equipment that could damage floors, in addition to dirt, footprints or sweat. However, be careful when securing cardboard to hardwood or tile, as tape may damage or scratch the finish.

Clean Up

As you’re scheduling your carpet installation, make sure you know what services your installer is providing and what you would be doing yourself. This includes the cleaning and removal of your old carpet. Even though the old carpet is being removed, vacuum it to avoid the possibility of airborne dust and dirt. After the old carpet and cushion are removed, vacuum the sub-floor as well. Determine who will remove and dispose of the existing carpet beforehand. If the carpet is in good condition, you may be able to recycle it to another area in your home. Why waste good carpet when it could be used as temporary flooring someplace else? Finally, make sure the sub-floor is dry and clean before your new carpet is installed.

New carpet will transform the look of your home, but make sure you take the necessary steps ahead of installation day to prepare your home. By being prepared and ready for the installers, you will ensure the process runs smooth and efficiently on the big day.

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