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Spa-Like Decorating Ideas That Will Help You Relax

If you’ve ever picked up a home decorating magazine and yearned for the spa-like bathrooms pictured in the glossy pages, you’re not alone. Many of us wish we could have a relaxing get-away space right within our own home. Sadly, the money it would cost to replicate those magazine bathrooms is usually way out of budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your bathroom a mini spa upgrade.

There are plenty of ways to add some serenity to your bathroom without busting the bank. While you may not be able to do a bathroom overhaul, some small touches can make a big difference to the overall energy of the room. Read on to discover some budget friendly bathroom enhancements that’ll have you unwinding in no time.

Peaceful Paint

If you’ve ever been to an actual spa, you’ve probably noticed that the walls are painted in subdued hues. The color scheme is usually reflective of nature and there is nothing bold or dramatic. Changing the paint color in your bathroom is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to give it a relaxing refresh. Look for pale shades of green, blue, beige, cream, or even pure white. You may take inspiration from colors you’d find in the forest, in the sea, or at the beach. Think of the parts of nature that put you in a peaceful mood and work from there.

White Out

Something that almost all spas have in common is their white towels and robes. If you want to give your bathroom a true spa vibe, then swap out your old towels for some bright white ones. While you’re at it, pick yourself up a fluffy white robe and some squishy white slippers to match.

Hints of Nature

Spas are also known for their use of natural textures. Replace your fabric bath mat (which holds nasty mold, bacteria, and fungus) with a teak or pebble mat. This will bring nature into your bathroom and keep things more sanitary, too. If you prefer to keep your wood or plastic bath mat, but are still concerned about bacteria, you can spray it or wipe it with antibacterial wipes. You may also choose to hang plants in the bathroom or add a delicate orchid on the counter. Just be sure to select plants that do well in moist environments.

Set the Mood

Candlelight is a serious mood setter. Arrange candles on the counter or along a windowsill to create soothing lighting. Candles that are in jars or tins are a good choice as there is less worry of them tipping over. You may also choose to put your bathroom lights on a dimmer, or just swap out harsh lighting for something more flattering.

Create Some Ambiance

In most cases, the spa experience starts with the aroma when you walk through the doors. The calming scents help you transition from traffic-mode to tranquil, and truly set the mood for relaxation. Find a scent that you love and that relaxes you and work it into your bathroom. You can use scented candles, essential oils, wax melts, bath salts, or any combination of these. Once you’ve found a fragrance that works, try to stick to layering just that one, as having several competing fragrances can be distracting and overwhelming.

Everything in its Place

Presentation is key for setting a calming tone. Display countertop items in pretty jars or on decorative trays. Before you head to the store, look through your drawers and cupboards, as you may already own some of these display pieces. Others can often be found at second hand shops for very little money.

Creating a spa experience in your own home gives you a place to escape at the end of a long day. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of cash or time to transform your bathroom into a mini-getaway.

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