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The Many Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic floors have been around for ages and they continue to be an in-demand flooring choice. From variety to water resistance, there are many reasons why the love for ceramic flooring is so enduring. If you’re thinking about installing ceramic tiles in your home then you likely know some of the benefits, but you may not be aware of everything ceramic tiles have to offer. Here, we explore the many advantages of using ceramic tile in the home.


If you’re looking for something unique and stand-out, ceramic tile has you covered. Tile comes in such a vast array of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and thicknesses. On top of that, you have unlimited choice regarding how you arrange and even mix the tiles. This means that you can create something one-of-a-kind using ceramic tile. Whether you prefer a sleek modern style or an elegant, traditional esthetic, there are tiles that will work for you.


As far as flooring goes, you’re not going to find anything more durable than ceramic tile. Ceramic is clay that has been baked at a very high temperature, and the result is a material that is super strong and resistant to wear and tear. Due to its strength and resiliency, ceramic tile is a great option for high-traffic areas of the home.

Water Resistance

If you’re putting flooring into a room that may see some moisture, then tile is an ideal option. Due to the fact that ceramic has very small pores, and is usually finished with a protective glaze, it absorbs little to no water. This means that tile flooring is highly resistant to mold and build-up, and can be easily cleaned if anything spills and rarely becomes stained. The water resistance of ceramic tile makes it a wonderful choice for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, entryways, and mudrooms.

Of course, unglazed ceramic tiles will need to be sealed in order to be protected from liquids. The grout lines in between ceramic tiles are also susceptible to moisture, so these will need to be sealed, too. Otherwise, water can seep down into these crevices, which weakens the installation and causes the growth of mold.

Installation Ease

Tiling is something that any homeowner with some good do-it-yourself skills can complete on his/her own. Being able to lay a floor on your own can be a big money saver, as you have no installation costs. If you do pay someone to install your tiles, the process is generally quick, unless you’re having something especially complex done.

Simple Repairs

Ceramic tile can usually take a lot of abuse, but over time or with a serious impact, tiles can crack or chip. A huge plus about having tile floors it that when damage occurs you don’t have to tear up the whole floor to correct the problem. The damage tile(s) can be removed and replaced and the rest of the floor can be left intact. This kind of spot patching really cuts down on repair bills.

Basic Cleaning

Keeping ceramic surfaces clean is simple. Sweeping or vacuuming floors to remove dust and dirt is basically all they need. Spills are easily cleaned by wiping with a cloth or mop. People who suffer from dust, pollen, and pet hair allergies can seriously benefit from having ceramic tile floors as they don’t tend to hold onto these particles.

As you can see, there are many perks to installing ceramic tile in your home. While you may pay a little more upfront to have ceramic tiles installed, you get lasting benefits, as ceramic tiles are beautiful, strong, and easy to care for.

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