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Wood Flooring Trends You Need to Know About

As with other facets of home design, wood flooring trends come in and out of fashion. Striking a balance between what is currently popular, what you like, and what will withstand the test of time can be a bit of a challenge. It’s good to get informed about what’s out there before you make your decision. You may find that you go into the process with some definite preferences, but after seeing all of the options you wind up falling in love with a completely different look. To help you get started, here are some of the current trends in hardwood flooring.

Reclaimed Wood

If you really love the natural look of wood and don’t mind paying a higher price, then reclaimed wood flooring might be the ideal fit for you. Reclaimed flooring comes from old frames, beams, previous flooring, and other sources. It has a more rustic and sometimes distressed look and is eco-friendly as it reuses old products. While it might seem that buying a product that has been used before would cost less, reclaimed wood flooring typically comes with a higher price tag than regular hardwood. If you like the rugged look of reclaimed floored, but not the price machine stressed wood can achieve the same effect for a fraction of the price and is more durable.


Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It’s the same material used to make the corks you see in wine bottles, and if you’ve ever set foot on a cork floor, you know its texture is the main selling feature. Cork feels soft and cushiony to walk on. Due to its texture and often its color, cork flooring often lends a warm feel to rooms. It also cuts down on noise, as the material doesn’t have the hard finish of regular wood floors. Of course, as you might expect, flooring with such a soft feel is not as durable as regular hardwood, so you will want to be careful about which rooms you install cork in.

Grey Hardwood

We didn’t used to think of hardwood floors as being anything but some shade of brown. Recently, however, hardwoods have been popping up in various shade of grey and greyish brown. The style is becoming increasingly popular and makes a strikingly modern choice for those who prefer something other than a brownish neutral. From light grey to dark grey and everything in between, there’s a shade of grey to fit virtually any home.


While not actually a type of wood, bamboo flooring functions as hardwood and, according to HGTV, “is as hard as or harder than most hardwoods when dried.” If you’re thinking that bamboo won’t work for you because you prefer the look of a wide plank, don’t worry. Bamboo now comes in wide plank styles to fit this aesthetic. Also, due to the fact that bamboo is a fast growing grass, it is very renewable and less expensive than traditional hardwoods.

Dark Hardwoods

Wood floors that are so dark brown that they are nearly black are another major trend right now. This look is certainly not for everyone, as it won’t fit in with more traditional home décor. For those who love a super sleek, modern look, dark hardwoods may be a great choice. It can create a very dramatic style in a room, especially if it’s contrasted with light colored walls and furnishings. It’s important to keep in mind though, that darker floors may show damage more quickly than lighter colored floors.


An up-and-comer in the wood flooring arena is eucalyptus. This type of flooring offers a warm, rich look and is extremely durable. In fact, many experts claim eucalyptus floors can actually be 20 percent harder than Northern red oak. Even better, eucalyptus trees are very fast growing, so they’re highly renewable. On top of that, eucalyptus flooring is generally very affordable.

Knowing about current flooring trends certainly gives you more options. That said, it’s best to go with what you love. Don’t get too caught up in the hype of what’s trending right now. Instead, choose a wood flooring that will stand up to the activity of the room you’re putting it in and that suits your personal style.

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