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Whether it’s vinyl sheet flooring or its tiled kin, LA Carpet has a wide selection of brands, color tones, and surface types to fit every flooring design and budget. Typically, sheet vinyl will cost less than tile or plank cuts, but either option provides inexpensive and luxurious models to choose from. Often seen as an alternative to carpet, the advancements made in luxury vinyl flooring have revolutionized the look and quality of the material. From vinyl wood flooring to textured stone, the aesthetic and character vinyl delivers makes it a popular choice for commercial, and increasingly, residential, applications.

With advanced photographic techniques, the quality vinyl flooring has improved to such a standard that any difference from the real thing is difficult to discern, even to trained eyes. Any vinyl wood flooring accurately captures the graining of real hardwood through processes intended to provide the most realistic, state-of-the-art imitations on the market. Here are some additional benefits to vinyl:

  • Easy to Maintain: All that’s needed is a good mopping and your vinyl flooring will look as good as new. Just plain water and a sponge mop will prevent the spread of dust and grime. When maintained properly, vinyl wood flooring will last for at least years to come.
  • High Durability: Vinyl flooring is naturally water resistant and great for heavy foot traffic environments. Even the heaviest amounts of home traffic won’t be too much for any type of vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl flooring is also water resistant and tough against spills, scratches, stains, and dents as it typically comes with a wear layer coating.
  • Low Cost: It’s no secret, vinyl can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of real hardwood and stone flooring, and at LA Carpet that price is even better! Vinyl offers long-term toughness that’s able to endure the wear and tear of any home or commercial installation.
  • Still Green: Although vinyl gets a bad rap in the eco-friendliness department, the reputation is misplaced. Any room with 100% vinyl flooring satisfies green building standards, adding points to LEED eligibility in commercial and residential installations


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  • Armorcore UR – Canyon View Adobe Rust

  • Duraceramic Dimensions – Architexture Linenfold

  • Duraceramic Origins – Chrysalis Rain Dance

  • Ovations-Alabaster Light Mocha

  • 4Mm – Luxury Vinyl Collection Hickory Fawn

  • Airstep Advantage – Playtime Hop Scotch

  • Airstep Evolution – Fair Wind Evening Shadows

  • Airstep Plus – Starlight Moonglow

  • Armorcore – Canyon View Adobe Shadoow

  • Armorcore Pro – Canyon View Adobe Shadoow

  • Armorcore Pro UR – Canyon View Adobe Shadoow

  • Armorcore UR – Canyon View Adobe Shadoow

  • Duraceramic Dimensions – Architexture Turret Gray

  • Duraceramic Origins – Dreamscape Bleached Almond

  • Ovations-Stone Ford Almond

  • 4Mm – Luxury Vinyl Collection Hickory Lava

  • Airstep Advantage – Playtime Swing Set

  • Airstep Evolution – Fair Wind Glacier White