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Natural stone is all about aesthetics. Each stone, be it marble, granite, onyx, sandstone travertine, or otherwise, presents distinct markings that can’t be produced by a computer program or artist. After all, replicating nature borders on impossible. That’s the superiority of natural stone–it’s guaranteed to deliver a product that’s exceptional, tasteful, and alluring, whether for countertops, flooring, or other residential and commercial applications. Plus, there’s an organic, raw attractiveness that’s unmatched. Veining, nature-made imperfections, and color variation ensure no two pieces are precisely the same.

Natural stone signals longevity; it’s durable and ideal in warmer climates because it doesn’t retain heat like other materials. Furthermore, stone is a great way to add value to your home. Granite and marble countertops are luxury items that today’s consumer desires. Stone comes in slabs and tinier tiles that require skill and precision to fit and match to a specific façade or design. But that’s what makes this product so exquisite. Whether it’s for kitchen countertops or flooring for the bathroom, this natural material complements warm palettes and offers a kind of texture others strive to imitate. Here are some additional facts on natural stone:

  • All About Quality: Stone, made through nature’s hands, is timeless. It’s a hardened surface built to last. The National Association of Home Builders expect natural stone, specifically granite, marble, and slate, to last around 100 years with the proper maintenance and care provided.
  • Some Stone Basics: Natural stone can be loosely viewed in two categories: hard and soft. Some examples of hard stones would be granite and quartz whereas soapstone and onyx are on the softer end. Vitally important is selecting the best type for the intended environment. LA Carpet’s experts can help with that!
  • Choose the Right Stone: Important for homeowners is selecting the correct material for the job. For example, if seeking something for the kitchen, something less porous, like granite countertops or slate, can work against stains and other harmful effects. For flooring, make sure the hardness level is appropriate for the estimated foot traffic.
  • Seek Out a Professional: There’s a lot that goes into installing stone in your home. From knowing the various stone material down to cabinet and substrate requirements, it’s crucial that your contractor is skilled and has experience working with stone. Marble countertops require a subtly different hand at design and handling than does most other types of kitchen countertops. Better yet, just give us a call. LA Carpet has expert consultants to get you from start to finish.
  • Care and Maintenance: Since natural stone is a product of nature, it needs to be sealed upon installation and polished from time to time. Similarly, natural stone is susceptible to pits, cracks, and color varieties which are the characteristics of the natural beauty of the stone, and shouldn’t be viewed as flaws or damage


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