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Reza was very helpful & gave us good recommendations from the Huntington Beach showroom.  He really helped bring the bathroom that we had envisioned into reality.  There were a few hiccups on the way though & you really have to monitor the work being done very closely.  Ultimately, we were very happy w/ the end result so I gave a generous 5 stars since the end result was just PERFECT!  We redid our master bathroom completely.  They also worked fast & worked consecutive days- even weekends & 10 hour days quite often which was appreciated.  This way the work could finish on schedule. Thanks very much Reza.

Ken D

Where do I start!  Ok, the installers showed up on time and were all business, they were very respectful and by the time they were done you could not tell they had just carpeted 5 rooms.  No mess, no fuss, just awesome!  From the first text to set up the very first meeting with Melissa to the final point of contact, they were just awesome!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Keep in mind, if you change your carpet style to a plush pile, you must consider your doors will drag and need trimmed.  We did not know that until they started installing.  Our home is beautiful and we loved our experience with LA Carpet!!!!!

Lee A.

A little over a week ago we met with Andy at LA Carpet in Huntington Beach, he brought sample flooring to our house the next day and we picked out our floor to be installed by them throughout our house.  

We are extremely pleased with Andy at LA Carpet and their installers.  Andy is very professional, but still caring and easy to work with.  Their installers did an excellent job and left the house cleaned up and the furniture put back in perfect order.  

The whole process took less than two weeks from start to finish and we are extremely happy with the finished product.  Highly recommend LA Carpete, Andy and their installers.  First rate from beginning to end!

Lise S

If you are planning to install new flooring, I highly recommend LA Carpet in Lake Forest.  I had been wanting to put tile in my 3 bathrooms, and laminate in the 3 bedrooms and all the other spaces in my home, for a long time.  So, I thought it would be easy to select the perfect flooring,  but it wasn’t.  I must have taken 10 samples home, and I kept changing my mind. However, Michael the sales rep I was working with, was so patient and kind. He kept telling me to just take my time.  After about 3 weeks, I finally made up my mind.  So I signed the contracts and the work began.

Michael told me that it would take two days for the tile to be installed in all three bathrooms.  This didn’t seem like enough time, but Edwardo Oribe and Jose Hernandez did a beautiful job, and yes, they did the work in two days.  And they cleaned up as they worked, so there wasn’t any mess at all.

Michael also said it would take a two-man team, Frank and John, 3 days to lay the laminate, and 1 additional day to install 4″ baseboards in all the rooms, including the bathrooms.  I really didn’t think it was possible.  However, Michael was right.  Frank and John took exactly 4 days to do everything.  And they cleaned up at the end of each day.  

I’m very satisfied with the entire project.  LA Carpet also does cabinetry and various types of countertops for bathrooms and kitchens.  So, I’m thinking of other projects I’d like to u

Betty R.

Five Star Customer Service